Fresh Women Clothes for Summer


Hi there, assalamu alaikum.

Summer is here in Northern Hemisphere. It means that flowery colorful outfits will be everywhere!

Light Colors for Summer Clothes

Light-colored clothes are the best for summer

Wearing light color clothes during summer helps you save from the heat. You know, dark colors absorbs light (and heat!) and light colors reflect the light.

Light and fresh colors like yellow, pink, pale orange, white (in stripes is also pretty) are great.

Summer Clothes: What to Wear

Summer days are nice but could become hot. People need to wear something that's 'light' and refreshing. Cute summer rompers can be the answer.

Fresh romper for summer

Rompers which started its existence in USA in 1900 now come with various cuts and colors.

Being great for movement, this kind of fashion was very popular during 1970-1980.

Rompers come in one piece and two-pieces, consist of a shirt (long or short sleeves) and shorts.

Mix rompers with belts, cute bags and other accessories will make you feel cheerful.

If you don't want to wear rompers, try the flowery maxi dresses. They are also comfortable and beautiful to wear!

Stylish maxi dress for summer

While rompers are suitable for casual occasion, maxi dresses are great for daily use to semi-formal one.

Where to find these cheap dresses for women? Try TipTopFree, a women's clothes online store. You can find best women's clothes in style with a size guide.

Tiptopfree provides dresses, tops, bottoms and swimwear, outwear and women's shoes  and also some men's clothing with high quality, reasonable prize and good customer services.

It is filled with season's hottest trends available in all sizes.

International shipping? Yes. Paypal? Yes.


  1. Kalo ukuran internasional itu masuk ke badan orang lokal gak si? 🤣

  2. Wah bajunya keren-keren nih. Cuma kalo aku yang pake kayaknya harus ambil yang XXS deh hehehe

  3. Wiwin @ pratiwanggini.netWednesday, July 03, 2019

    I love wearing light colored clothes. Yes, I will feel fresh, comfort and more beautiful as well. By the way thanks for the recommendation, mba..


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