Don't Do Iftar Together

by - July 06, 2015

Don't do iftar together! Don't, if you just want to show off.

Iftar means to end daily Ramadhan fasting at sunset, as soon as possible after hearing call for prayer. Iftar together means some people have an arranged iftar at the same place and time.

What's good about iftar together is that iftar can strengthen the bound among the members whether they are collegas or friends or extended family members.

What's bad from iftar together is when the meal is too much. Too much food and drinks lead to too much wasted food. Just don't do iftar together if you just want to show off. Don't!

Iftar together should be something nice and meaningful. Wasting food is bad, very bad. But wasting time is even worse. Having iftar together broaden the risk of doing the pray late. Too many people means too much time to spend for taking wudhu and seeking for the row in sholat. Don't do iftar together unless there's a guarantee that you won't miss your obligation.

So, how can we run a good iftar together? First, make sure that the space is enough for everyone to seat. We don't want to eat without sitting, right? You know it's forbidden to eat by standing.

Second, make sure that the menu is simple. Delicious is a must but it doesn't mean we have to spend too many varieties of food to make them blend deliciously inside our stomach. It's our tongue that tastes, not our stomach, right?

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Third, make sure that there's enough space and time to pray. It's a shame to miss the pray in order to eat, right?

Well, when those rules are here, it's okay to have iftar together. Have a happy iftar, guys.

This article is to answer BEC's Weekly Challenge #25: Iftar Together.

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  1. one thing I often do before iftar together is to have and keep wudhu. You're right that there'll be too many people queing for wudhu

  2. Wasting time is a crime mbak. Hihihi.

    1. oh really? I thought that it's killing the time that commits a crime :-D

  3. makanya aku ga terlalu sering ambil undangan berbuka puasa mba... hrs liat dulu venuenya di mana, brp irg yg hadir... kalo aku liat tempatnya susah nemuin musholla, biasanya aku tolak

    1. Soalnya kalo mukena aja gampang bisa bawa dari rumah ya mbak. Lah kl musholla? Hehe...

  4. Almost everyday bloggers come to bukber provided by brands who talk about their products and do the livetweet just before iftar. It will be better if they also include tauziah & sholat together, because iftar is religious moment, now become promotion moment.

    1. Ow really mak? So some of those events just for dunia not for akhirat. What a sad story.

  5. Love the ideas of don't do iftar together >,<

    I agree that if we are going to have an iftar together, we should not miss our pray, but unfortunately some people miss it.

    They miss the point of fasting. What is the purpose of fasting if we miss our pray, right? :)

    That's why I always denies iftar invitation, although as a adolescent, I still wanna have an iftar moment with friends ..

    1. Missing the point of fasting. I agree. We should arrange a better iftar together so that we won't miss the essential thing.


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