Moon Halo

Moon halo. It happened last night (4/28) on Madiun clear sky. I had to lift my face up to 90° to see this rare spectacle. Did you see it too?

Did you know what moon halo is? Moon halo is a special condition where a ring of light surrounding the moon. It's not only happening to the moon but to the sun as well. When it happens to the sun it's possible to see twins or tiplets suns.

Moon halos occur when millions of tiny ice crystals in thin clouds high up in the Earth's atmosphere split and reflect the sun'slight bouncing off the Moon.
The phenomenon is quite rare, as the ice crystals have to positioned exactly right in relation to where you are looking up in order for the halo to appear.
So if you did see it, count yourself lucky!

So I was lucky!

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any good picture of it. These are the only pictures I got.

Trust me, those pictures weren't light of a lamp.

I used my phone camera to shoot the sky. And the camera is, know it. Ofcourse the pictures aren't clear at all. I apologize for that and for using pictures from other source.

Here it is, the moon halo. Beauuutiful, right? Picture taken from

At that night when I looked at the sky, I was astonished. I couldn't say anything but "Subhanalloh" and "Wow", until I realized I had to tell my children about it. It was my first time to see this beautiful phenomenon. My children were astonished as well. Then they asked me what it was and how it was made.


I love to look at the night sky. I used to do it when I was a little girl. Laying on a matress outside the house, spotting and counting how many constellations I had found, looking for the red planet, dreaming of walking on the moon. Yes. My dream as a child was being an astronaut.

Space is a scary place. It is dark, weightless and has no temperature. But still, I dreamt of making a journey through space. Sounds too Star Trek, right? Yeah, the film was also influenced me so much.

Later, I understood that I can't be an astronaut. I'm not an engineer, I'm not a doctor. I'm not a scientist. I got bad grades on physics and I attended the so 'Earthy' classes. How is it possible to fly beyond the atmosphere when my basic study is animal science? It has a 'science' in its name, but the subjects I took wasn't the ones connected to the laboratories. :-D

So now, to me that big dream is still a dream. Maybe it's unreachable, but I still hold on to it. I can't walk on space but I can watch people do that. Alhamdulillaah there is TV and internet now. I can enjoy the film series like Cosmos: A Space Odyssey and imagining the universe of my own. Imagining is free, right?

Having such a big dream made me undestand that the Earth is just like a dust. We are very tiny and fragile. How can we be selfish and stubborn while we are 'nothing'? I believe that God has created this universe to let us know that there is more to learn. More and more so we can learn that we are far from perfection.

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  1. saya paling suka lihat bulan bulat penuh :)

    1. Apalagi pas baru terbit ya mbak. Cantiiik sekali.

  2. Waah ternyata... :D
    Selama ini saya kira yg pny blog damarojat itu laki2. ternyata2 ibu :D . saya kemarin lihat namanya saat baca blog berbahasa Indonesia tentang Rosetta dan Philae. saya ingin komentar juga tapi tidak sempat. Setuju sekali dg kalimat2 terakhir post ini. Saya juga pecinta antariksa, tapi pengetahuan saya tidak sebanyak mbak. Salam kenal :D

    1. Salam kenal kembali mbak Vita. Di blognya pak Sudibyo ya? Aduh mbak, pengetahuan saya cuma sebatas anak SD kok. Senang ketemu pecinta kosmos. :-)

  3. Taking picture of the moon is never easy. Need the right tool. Hahaha.

    I believe that the sky is unlimited. Really love how you put it Mbak.

    1. The right tool on the right side ya mas. :-)
      Btw, I can't find any comment form on your blog after it turned to dot com. Is it my browser?

    2. Really? I didn't turn it off. Still receiving some comment there.
      Hiks. I think I need to change my blog again after this.

  4. Oh...aku kelewatan moment ini. Ketika mbak diah nulis status di fb moon hello...tak pikir mb di lagi di luar..liat bulan, trus ber say helo sama bulan.....**dodol tenan aku kii

  5. Actually the moon and sun halo is often happened in my place Mba. May be it caused by the extreme temperature changes from day to night. :p
    Your story is very interesting and I agree that halo is very pretty :)


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