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How to Choose Feminine Cheap Cute Clothes

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I don't know about you but I love to wear simple feminine dresses. To me wearing nice outfit is fun. And it's much more exciting when the clothes are not just comfortable but also come in affordable prizes. Cheap cute clothes, I can say. Especially in pink.

You are what you wear. I agree with that. What comes from your heart is what you show to the world.

Cute clothes are great, but the problem for me is, should they come in pinkish colors always?

My husband has banned me from buying pink or pinkish outfit. To be honest, I have several tops, hijabs and accessories in pink, maroon and purple. Quite similar, right?

Okay. I like feminine dresses, but no pink? How to choose cute ones with no pink?

Choosing No Pink Cute Feminine Clothes

Look feminine doesn't mean I have to be in pink outfits. What should I choose? Here are some options.

Choose Bright Colors

Bright colors are great to make a woman looks fresh. Bright yellow or bright blue or even bright green are nice.

But, please don't choose neon colors. If you like them, you can mix the colors with other darker color.

Mix It with White

There is another way to look feminine. Combine the colors you love with white!

You don't have to make the white dominant, just a little bit and you'll see the difference

Think About Patterns or Graphics

Patterns can help you to look naturally girly.

There are cute patterns you can choose from. For example cute flower patterns. They are great to wear.

What about graphics? Are you brave enough to wear such cute graphics like this one from

Bright colors with white and cute graphics for feminine cheap cute clothes

Feminine Cutting and Accessories

Even if you choose dark or neutral colors you can still look feminine. Try the feminine cuttings and accessories!

Looks feminine with lace. It's also cheap and cute!

Where to Find Feminine Cheap Cute Clothes

Well, in the end I think my husband is right. It's not impossible to choose feminine outfits that are not pink. I think I'm ready to try.

Where to buy those feminine cheap cute clothes? You can visit There are great collections that are modern and affordable for tops, bottoms, even for plus-sizes!

Have you found your favorite feminine outfits? What about cute cheap hoodies, do you like them?

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  1. Being asked my fav color, I will always answer Sky Blue. But, why in the world all my stuffs are mostly pink? Sometimes pinkish things easily attract our eyes ya Mbak.. Btw, this blog will be my reference start form now since I'm writing a new blog in English too. Nice job Mbak ^^

    1. Hahaha...I don't know why, but it's so true. Pink is eye-catching. I never knew until my husband told me.

      Wow, what an appreciation, mbak. Thank you so much. Actually I less write in English here for I have an English blog,


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