Rosa And I

by - May 16, 2015

Rosa is my best friend. Was or is? I'm not sure. We were close friends at junior high but we keep the friendship up to today. So, I think we are still friends, so she is still my best friend.

Every single part of our lives produces good friends. Good friends from elementary school, good friends at college, good friends at work. There are always good friends around us. Thank God.

Rosa and I are really close. We shared our dreams and days together. We strengthen each other as I have written in 'Brave Must Be Have'.

What I remember about Rosa and I is that friendship is like a wave. It has a top and bottom periode. Every ups and downs means something. Friends never leave us whatever happens. When they're not beside us, they pray for us.

Well, that's what I can tell you about the memorable one ever for this English Friday Weekly Challenge #19. Friends come and go, and so does memory.

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  1. Beautiful friendship will last Mbak. No matter how far they are apart.

    1. That's right mas. Friends are golden treasure.

  2. Persahabatan yang baik itu begitu berkesan ya, Mbak :)

    1. Leres Pak. Matur nuwun sampun tindak mriki.


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