I Hope BEC Has This

by - May 29, 2015

Blog English Club (BEC) is one of the reasons why I write. I'm really glad that I have a routine activity in blogging by answering its weekly challenges. Now BEC has already got 200 followers. Good job, guys!

But, still, I hope that BEC has this:a facebook group.

I prefer facebook than any other social medias and I found that communicating through a facebook.group is fun and easy.

I really hope this can come true :-)


This post is for BEC's 1st giveaway. If you want to know more about BEC, please visit this link. You'll find a lot of fun there.

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  1. thaaaaaaank you very much!!! we have it actually. A Dacebook group, but we haven't activated it just yet. :P

    1. Really? Oh, I can't wait for the launching then.

  2. Hahaha. Dani already mentioned it. We have created that. Not launching yet.

  3. Hmm exciting group. Good luck :D

  4. Nah setuju bgt ini. Klo grup wa kan kapasitas penuh. Solusinya bikin grup fb aja..


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