A Magic Pocket On A Stick

by - April 10, 2015

Do you like adventurous stories? I do. I love to feel involved in the story, imagining I were in the search of treasures or flying in an inter-galactic space ship. Every imagination is valuable.

One of my favorite adventurous stories when I was a kid is the adventure of Pak Janggut. What's so interesting from an old man with a long white beard? His adventures!

Picture taken from http://imherry.blogdetik.com/2010/04/15/komik-jadul-pak-janggut-deni-manusia-ikan/

Back in 1980s, Pak Janggut was a comic series and a supplement of Bobo, a well-known children's magazine. It told the journey of Pak Janggut with his magical pocket on a stick, which, just like Doraemon's magic pocket, provided Pak Janggut anything he needed.

Pak Janggut's adventures were many, but the one I remember the most was the adventure of finding the extinct Dodo bird, entitled 'Perjalanan ke Barat'. This story was popular among the kids in my neighbourhood. There was also a funny story that has something to do with it. I had a neighbour named Mrs. Barat. She run a small but pretty complete shop. Everytime one of us needed to buy something at her shop, we told that we were going to make a 'Perjalanan ke Barat'.

All I remember, Pak Janggut's adventures were about magic. Magic pocket, witches, magic spells, etc. I myself later think that this kind of story full of magic is not suitable for children. Children may think that do some magic or become a witch is alright, which we all know that it's not alright at all. Nowadays this kind of story is also popular. Not only on comics, but on TV as well. I'm afraid children are used to speak spells, to dream of having an amulet or to worship magical powers. It proves us that providing adventurous good stories are not an easy job. I wonder, is there any adventurous story free from magic?

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  1. Agree, I think we only have a few option when talking about cartoon which is good to watch for children. Because too many cartoon stories have magic. We only have exception if the story tells about social life,animals, good manner, fable and legend story (maybe), environment, our prophet and others.

    1. Yes. Those genres you mentioned are safer for children.

  2. Ah Pak Janggut. Saya lupa banget. Hahahaha.

  3. Aku malah baru tau kisah Pak Janggut. :'

    1. asyik sih mbak. cuma gambarnya emang jadul banget.

  4. dulu pernah denger tentang karakter pak janggut ini, cuma saya belum pernah tahu cerita dan kisahnya

  5. My kids' bookshelves are full of adventurous stories. :))


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