41.895 lbs

by - April 03, 2015

This week's challenge, What Is Your Sport, is a real challenge for me, because I don't do sport. What can I write for this challenge if that's so?

Instead of writing about excersizing muscles, please let me write about a game.

Having no sports to do regularly doesn't mean I don't use my muscles at all. I used to lift this kind of thing regularly. Everyday, in fact. This thing weighs 41.895 lbs and decreases from 3.3074 to 4.41 lbs per day. This thing is liquid and vital to human life.

I usually lift this thing and take a 10 m walk once every five days from the closest warung to the kitchen. No wonder that my body is slim. I am 5 feet 2.2 inch, 99.25 lbs. Hey, that's not slim! That's skinny! Okay, okay, sorry about that.

Back to the topic. Have you find out what this thing is?

Here it is:

Don't mention its emptiness

This article is to answer English Friday Weekly Challenge #13 What Is Your Sport? If you're interested in joining the challenge, please, don't be hesitated. Just visit the link above and join. Have fun!

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  1. Replies
    1. Pound bu. Tapi ditulis lbs. Bingung to? Sama.

  2. Ngangkat galon, Mbak? Serius? Huaaaa.. Aku aja ngga kuat :(

  3. gara2 ngekost aku sampai kuat angkat galon pakai satu tangan Mba XD

    1. Haaahhh??? Ruarr biasa mbak! Temen sekos beruntung deh jadi teman mbak. Hehe...

  4. saya ngangkat juga seh... cuma nggak setiap hari :D


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