One of The Icons of Indonesia

Believe it or not, nasi goreng is one of the icons of Indonesia. How is that possible? It's because of its popularity among Indonesians! Indonesian street food provides nasi goreng or fried rice as one of its main serve. Many people love to eat nasi goreng, and I'm one of them.

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Nasi goreng is easy to make. You can cook it at your kitchen if you like. You don't have to buy it on restaurant or warung.

The most interesting part about nasi goreng is that you can put anything in the recipe and you still can call the meal nasi goreng, as long as there is fried nasi in it. All we need to make nasi goreng is: rice, shallots, garlic and salt. And the rest is up to you. You can add sambal (chilli paste) or soy sauce in it. You can also include some veggies, egg, lamb or sausages in the meal.

The main reason why I love nasi goreng is because it's easy to cook. At home I usually cook nasi goreng when I realize that I have nothing in the kitchen but rice and eggs :-p . Just grind the shallots and garlic together with some chilli, saute it in a wok for a while and put the rice in it. Add some salt and soy sauce. Stir until they mixed up. Ready to serve with scrambled egg, tomato and cucumber slices. Dellliiicious!!

So, what's your favorite Indonesian food?

This post is to answer English Weekly challenge #10 What's Your Favorite Indonesian Food? If you'd like to join, please visit the link above.


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    1. I love this one, fried rice.easy cooking and simple. The taste is so good^^

    2. Yes, I agree mbak. I bet you have one on hotwajan.

  2. I love nasi goreng also. Always use more soy bean sauce when I cooked it.

  3. Nasi gorengnya bikin lapar pagi-pagi nih... :D

  4. Saya enggak mudeng bahasa Inggris. Tapi telur mata sapi di atas benar-benar menggiurkan....

  5. Nek boso jowone sego goreng ndok ceplok to mbak....:-)


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