A Short Meet-Up With An Old Brand New Friend

Meeting-up with a fellow blogger? I guess I have already done it, although it was only a short meet-up with an old brand new friend.

It was only 15 minutes meeting. Anyone have a shorter meeting than mine above? And here is the story.

Last year-end, I was in Jogja visiting my parents. Once I knew I would be there for quite a long time, I contacted my friend, Sulis a.k.a Bunda Raka-Alya, owner of coretan bunda.
Sulis and I worked in the same company back in 2003. She then moved to reach her dream to a TV station, while I stayed in the company until 2008. We have been friends for more than a decade!

I 'met' her again when she began to write in her blog again. Then, we became friends once more.

Back to the meet-up. We planned to meet at Jogja's Taman Pintar. I was very glad as I have never been there before and so haven't my sons.

Unfortunately, on the third day after arriving in Jogja, my eldest son got a serious accident which made us had to stay at my parents' house along the holiday.

Sulis understood my problem. She then came to see me at my parents' house.

She brought her husband with her and her 2 years-old daughter, Alya, while her eldest son stayed at his grandmother's house.

Actually, there wasn't much we did. We just chit-chatted for a while and not long after that she had to go home because Alya didn't feel comfortable as it was her first time meeting me.

Having a short meet-up gave us no chance to take pictures. So, please forgive me, I don't have any pictures of myself and Sulis to be shown here.

Perhaps next time, insya Alloh, we can set up a better one.

This post is for English Friday Weekly Challenge #9 - Share Your Meet-Up Moment. If you'd like to join, please visit the link.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi! Let's set another meet-up! Next year, maybe? :-)

    2. Yes, Mas. We often meet now through our blogs and facebook and through twitter sometimes.

  2. What kind of accident Mba?
    So happy meeting with other bloggers event only for short while.

    1. His left foot got into the tire...rrr...kakinya masuk ruji motor, gitu, Mas. Yes, it's great to meet friends. But I have never met any other bloggers yet.


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