Siti Fauzia, Let's Learn Parenting With Zeelhouette

by - June 29, 2016


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It is Zia Subhan who owns a beautiful autumn-themed blog: Zeelhouette.

Zee comes from her nickname and lhouette comes from the word silhouette. So, Zeelhouette means a representation of Zia. Zia writes about her life and her family in English. This blog is neat, I think. From the theme itself to the way Zia writes, it flows smoothly. I think Zia is a neat person as well. Am I right, Zia?
In Zeelhouette we can find stories about family. Zia describes her blog as a family blog:
"It's a family blog, tells you everything about parenting, education, experience, lifestyle, etc. There are some literary pieces that you can enjoy. It's also a personal space which you may learn from it. Here! You are eagerly and delightedly accepted..." ~ Zia Subhan

Zia and her son. Picture was taken from Zia's facebook
This blog was born in 2006 and has its own domain in 2013, as its twin, (a blog of Zia in Indonesian) born in the next year.

In Zeelhouette we can find how Zia's thought about parenting. Just read her post about teaching her son, Vito, to fast this Ramadhan: Teaching Our Children About Ramadan. Through reading it, we can find specific words for explaining the Islamic words in English. For example, Zia uses the word iftaar for breaking the fast; to do fasting for 'berpuasa', sadaqah jariyah for 'shodaqoh'; suhoor for 'sahur'. Just read the whole article and we'll see that English is not that complicated. We can use words or phrases that's so-Bahasa Indonesia.
"Sahurnya sama ya kayak di Bahasa Indonesia. Cuma beda tulisan aja."

Zia's English is trustable because she is an English teacher. She once taught in a well-known institution, but now she runs her own private English classes. No wonder, ya, her English is so good.

Then, what other special things in her blog? Come and read her poetry under the tab Literature! Trust me, you'll be amazed by the beauty of words she put in there!

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  1. huwaa... bahasa inggris hehe.... saya belum punya keberanian buat nulis dlm bhs Inggris walaupun suka sama bhs ini :D

  2. I've seen her blog. I like reading all of her writings.

  3. Aku dong maksude mbak..tapi klo suruh gantiin nulis in english.... Klo nggak kepepet...nggak..:-)

  4. Thanks to recommend it mbak :))

  5. Mbaaaa Diah, I'm so sorry. Where have I been? I missed this post. I haven't got here, yet! MasyaAllah. It's truly touching. Thank you, mba. I do really appreciate it. I'm not an expert, just trying my best and still learning about English stuff.

    Now, it's my turn to write something special about you. You're such inspirational person. :*


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