Riding Honda

by - March 27, 2015

Is this an advertisement? No. A product review? No. A testimony? No. It's just a story. A story of how I and the rest of family member spending our time riding on a motorbike.

This means of vehicle became our new family member on October 2013. Unfortunately, she has no name yet. Err...is it essential to give a vehicle a name? Some people do that, but not me, I guess.

Alright. Here she is. A black-blue Honda with 125 cc machine. She accompanies me anywhere I want to go. Taking my kids to school, visiting relatives and the most special thing is having a joy-ride along the mountanous villages.

The running boy knows what's next when the motorbike stands in front of the house like this. Take a ride!

I have written several times about where I and my family used to go. To Wana Wisata Grape, for example. I also have written about the reason why I bought this kind of vehicle, a manual one, not an automatic motorbike.

The latest journey was the aftermath journey. We visited Seprahu, Dipo and Blerong after those villages being hit by a flood.

Seprahu village. The swept-away bridge. Above in picture is Dipo village.

Blerong village. Look at the mess the flood made!

This vehicle really helped us a lot. Running on difficult tracks, on slippery muddy roads and on rough roads. And the most important thing is it's fuel-save.

Rocky rocking roads.

I enjoy our journey very much. I looove to see beautiful scenery from up above and far from crowds. I once told my husband about it, "Perhaps deep inside me there is an adventurous spirit." Oh, yes, when by myself and no kids with me. I can conquer the world! *then hugging bolster and yawn*

So, what's your means of transport? Let's ride!

This article is to answer English Friday Weekly Challenge #12: Your Means of Transport. If you'd like to join, please, visit the link above.

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  1. interesting track and yes quite adventerous-mom you are :)

    1. I go there several times and I still adore the scenery. Subhanalloh.

  2. Wow. The track is..... Wowwwww.
    Go adventurous Mbak.


  3. Waah keren Mbak, ada challenge utk posting in English. English saya sudah parah sekali sekarang, makin gak pede nulis English ...

    1. Ayo ikut mbak. Tiap pekan lho challenge-nys dan yang sederhana pun welcomed.

    2. Ayo Mbak ikutan. Tinggal buka blog BECnya dan daftar. Abis itu ikutan yang challengenya deh.


  4. Wow that tracks ... ?! May be I prefer to use my foot to go on that tracks heheheh. Btw it's look nice Mbak. Let's go ... Bruummmm :)

    1. No, you can't go there on foot. It is some kilometers long.

  5. Huahahah.. Kembaran sama honda ku kayaknya :D

  6. I wonder if it will be very bounchy to ride on those rocky road :o

  7. Pecinta honda jugak ya, english-nya bagus banget. Aku udah lama nggak berlatih nulis english :)


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