Preparing Mudik with Kids

by - June 21, 2015

It's 4th Ramadhan and I've already written about mudik? That's OK. There is nothing to lose to prepare everything earlier, right? So, here's why and how I go mudik.

Mudik means going to hometown from the place where we live. My family and I usually go to my hometown, Jogja, several days before Idul Fitri to visit my parents, family and relatives. We stay in Jogja until D+1. On D+2 morning we leave Jogja for Madiun. My family-in-law usually gather on 3rd Syawal. Which Syawal do we choose? It's the Government Ordinance's.

We travel by private car, so it's much easier to plan and arrange everything. The first preparation is the route. The main route from Madiun to Jogja via Ngawi usually is very, very crowded. We need to depart very early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. There's also another route via Tawangmangu, but this is not my favorite. I have a car-sick and traveling in such mountainous roads makes me sicker. I choose not to pass through this route everytime I'm fasting or when the traffic is cruel. No, thanks.

Madiun-Jogja via Tawangmangu

Another thing to prepare is clothes and its stuffs (ofcourse). We even count pillows and matresses in. You know, we travel with kids. So, it's important to make them enjoy the travel. We usually fill the back part of the car seat with mattresses and pillows. Under the mattresses is our baggage. We also usually bring my kids' backpack. One for each kid. There is emmergency kits in each bag, such as clothes, small towel and medicine. Who knows they need urgent help during the travel?

Health is the key, I guess. This not-so-long journey can be very stressful in jam hours. That's why we decide to depart early and take a slow ride. We stop at several places to rest, so the travel can take longer. We usually stop at Duta Restaurant in Ngawi. Pretty close to Madiun, but, since we travel with kids, it's worth doing.

The second stop is at Masjid BAZIS in Sragen. We can take a shower, pray and rest for a while there. It's enjoyable. There is also a kindergarten at the back of the masjid, so kids can play there for a while.

You can read more about Masjid BAZIS Sragen here.

The third place to stop is at Masjid Agung Klaten (the old one) which has a kindergarten at its back as well.

That's all I prepare for mudik, I guess. The rest is the budget ofcourse. What about you? Happy preparing for mudik!

This article is to answer English Weekly Challenge #23: Mudik Preparation. If you love to write in English, just visit the link, write and submit yours. :-)

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  1. It's been 5 years since my last 'mudik'. And I always miss the moment of mudik as there're many stories along it.
    Have a safe and joyful mudik Mak Diah and family ^_^

  2. Gak kerasa ya sekarang puasa udah hari ke 4

  3. Mudikku dr sleman ke bantul aja mb..:-)

    1. Asyik tuh. Lanjut ke pantai di gunung kidul ya. Hehe

  4. This year will be the first time we don't have any plan to join the exodus season because we are already here in our hometown. Whereas we have a plan to go to Malang for vacation a day after Idul Fitri :D

    1. Something funny came to my mind hearing about that exodus :-D

      I've never been to Malang mak.

  5. How many hours did you spend for the travel Mbak?

    1. Oh I forgot to tell about how long the travel usually takes. Seven hrs is the minimum mas. Three yrs ago it took eleven hours.


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