Stilt Racing

This is what I wish I had done as a child: stilt racing!

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I did played stilt walking with friends, yes. But we didn't do the stilt racing. We just walked or ran, not raced.

My father gave me a pair of bamboo stilts. I forgot whether he made them himself or he bought them for me. The stilts made of round small-but-strong bamboo stands. There was a hole in each stand where a smaller smoothed surface half-round bamboo attached to it. Each of my foot stood on the attached bamboo and my hands grabbed the standing stilts body strongly.

I tried several times with my father's helps before I could do a stilt walking. What fun! After several trials, I really could walk by myself! Although there were abses between my first and second toes because I had to clamp my toes to stand on the stilts, but I liked it.

Compared to today, I haven't seen any child play stilt walking. At least this last five years. Stilt walking is fun, but why don't people play it? I think because it is an unsafe game to play. It's dangerous. A child needs to wear some safety equipments such as helmet, elbow and knee protector just to make sure he won't get hurt anytime he falls. What a paranoid parent I am!

I think this game is safe when played by adults, not children. I think this game is only safer when it remains traditional and it's played on the grass around the house not on the street. I think that's why I wasn't allowed to do the stilt racing. I think my parents were wise enough not to let me do that, because I'll do the same thing to my children.

What about you? Do you have the same dream to do a stilt race?

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  1. Whoaaaa egrang.. Aku takut mainan egrang.. :D

  2. waktu kecil saya sempat maen beginian haha

  3. I've never been playing Engrang Mbak. Is it hard to do?



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